As 2023 comes to a close, it’s a time for reflection and gratitude at Freedom Fiduciaries®. This year has been transformative, marked by significant milestones and achievements that embody our vision, innovation, and commitment.


  • Registered Investment Advisor (RIA) Launch: In April, we successfully launched our RIA, a significant step in realizing our vision.

Proprietary Systems and Technology:

  • CRM Development: Our CRM has become a key component in enhancing our automation and operational efficiency. While its development presented challenges, the system is now fully operational. We are experiencing significant time savings as a result, enabling us to allocate more resources and attention to addressing our clients’ needs.
  • Innovative Tools: We introduced Kaleó, a bot tailor-made for retirement plan consulting, aimed at streamlining administrative tasks. This innovation effectively removes the requirement for manual data handling, thereby significantly enhancing efficiency. Kaleó is adept at automating and speeding up processes like fund changes and quarterly reporting, assuring quick and consistent execution regardless of client volume.
  • Benchmarking System: Our in-house benchmarking system simplifies the process for clients to meet their fiduciary requirements in documenting plan fees, offering a comprehensive analysis of fees and services.
  • Fiduciary Freedom® Center: This system simplifies plan administration for our sponsors, providing updates, plan details, document storage, fiduciary training, and more.
  • Participant (k)onnect: Our newly developed participant communication platform enhances engagement and clarity for plan participants by providing targeted communications tailored to their individual journey.
  • Plan Health Reporting: We introduced an automated quarterly report that integrates investment data, plan health metrics, and compliance updates, streamlining the reporting process regardless of client volume.
  • Bac(k) Office Dashboard: Our latest innovation, this dashboard transcends traditional CRM functionalities, offering a comprehensive platform for partner advisors. It includes detailed plan insights, participant reporting, and effective case management capabilities.

Acknowledgments and Milestones:

  • Leadership Acknowledgment: Special thanks to Cristina Hansen, CPFA® for her outstanding leadership in client services, managing growth complexities while upholding high service standards.
  • Team Excellence: Our team’s dedication, positivity, and innovation have been crucial in our rapid growth and operational success.
  • Trademarks: We successfully registered trademarks for “Freedom Fiduciaries®” and our flagship concept, “Fiduciary Freedom®,” emphasizing our commitment to helping our clients achieve fiduciary excellence.

Looking Forward:

  • Continued Innovation: We’re dedicated to elevating service standards for plan sponsors and participants, with a focus on continuous innovation.
  • Gratitude: Heartfelt thanks to our partners, clients, and Bac(k) Office firms for their trust and collaboration, essential to our success.

2024 and Beyond:

Stepping into 2024, Freedom Fiduciaries® looks forward to continued growth and innovation. With a strong foundation set in 2023, we’re excited for the challenges and opportunities ahead. Together, we’ve built something special, and the future promises even greater achievements. Here’s to a year of exceptional accomplishments and a future brimming with possibilities and success.

Cheers to 2024! 🥂

– Shane